• Senses water at root level, no dirty fingers & damaged roots trying to gauge moist soil by feel
  • Leave the device in the pot to continuously monitor soil humidity and tells you when to water
  • Prevent withering & root rot
  • Award-winning product design – No batteries – Environmentally friendly – Creates little waste



Place upright in soil between the edge of the pot and plant stem, insert until the “Ω” mark printed on the product is hidden.


After watering your plant the Sustee device absorbs moisture at the root level, then the level of absorbed water rises, the indicator gradually becomes blue.


Leave Sustee in the soil – when the color returns to white, it is time for watering.


  • Sustee Size M is best for pots 12-18cm (4.7 to 7 inches) in diameter.


RECOMMENDED: Replace core with refills - every 6-9 months.

Sustee Medium